Life Asks Simple Questions...

I just give back complicated answers

I have many words to describe the person that I am:

Equestrian: I have been riding since 1996 and have loved it ever since. I've ridden pretty much every discipline, but currently ride dressage. However, I have my eyes set on a western dressage horse one day

Crafter: I sew, knit, draw, paint, mold clay—you name it, I’ve probably attempted it. My favourite is probably painting ceramics, but drawing is close behind.

Blackhawks fan: I’ve only been watching since 2009, but I’m a fan. I watch the games when I can and have attended a few. I’m still learning, but if you’re passionate about something, you never really stop learning. I blame my husband’s cousin for getting me hooked on it though. XD

Limited Edition Girl Gamer: I game, whether that gaming involves a game controller or a set of dice, I am a gamer. I enjoy D&D, Eclipse Phase, Dark Heresy, RPG games on the PS3 and PC (Portal being one of my favourites). My husband got me hooked on it when we were dating and it’s kind of stuck around. XD

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Geek: I am a HUGE Harry Potter Fan. I love gaming. I love things to do with table top games. I am passionate about the things I love and that’s what makes me a geek.

Closet Cooker: I love to cook and now that I’m married (3/22/14) I’m learning more about cooking so that way me and the hubby don’t starve. Luckily he knows how to cook too and we have friends who can teach us as well.

Corgi/Husky Fur: Don’t judge a furry before you meet them. That’s all I have to say.
And really, after all of that, I’m just a jack of all trades, master of none.

I have wonderful and accepting friends and a loving husband. I can’t imagine my life without them and I can’t wait for all the hijinks we’ll be having in the many years to come.

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